Monday, July 21, 2008

The Plan

Last Friday I got the call from the UW Medical Ctr that I will begin my next round of chemo / radiation on Monday, July 28. The chemo will be two sessions that start on Monday and will be 6 straight days in conjunction with the radiation. There will be another round of chemo @ the end of the 8 week stretch and will be the same as the beginning; six straight days.

Radiation is everyday for 8 weeks (with weekends off). Apparently cancer doesn't work on you during the weekends, only during the week.

Needless to say, I'm not looking forward to this next stint. I'm still sore from the surgery and am glad to have had the extra time to heal from that, have a bit of a reprieve from treatments, and be with my friends and family without the fatigue that comes with chemo. None the less, this next go around will be a marathon and I'm readying myself for it this week. Hopefully it will go quickly with minimum side effects.

That's about it for now. It was great having my folks and sister and brother in law up from California for 3 weeks. That time flew by and it was great to relax with them and hang out. I'm a very blessed person for having such incredible family and friends.

Much love and wishing everyone the best of all things,



Sherril said...

Hi Randy. I've put you on St. Margaret's prayer list... lots of positive energy heading your way!

Sherril said...

Hi again Randy. I went forward in church today to be anointed and prayed for on your behalf. God felt very close. While I know there are many ways to be "healed," I'm praying for the old fashioned kind: strength in your body to combat the cancer and completely overcome it. I also have some prayer beads for you... you know how I feel about meditation ;).