Saturday, June 27, 2009

The best fathers day gift ever!

Riley gave me the best fathers day gift ever! Here's 53 reasons why it was...

53 reasons why I love my Dad

  1. My Dad has always been there for me.
  2. My Dad always has an answer.
  3. He always knows just what to say.
  4. He’s the best businessman I’ll ever know.
  5. He always has a new fart for me to hear.
  6. He taught me how to go clamming.
  7. He showed me no one can win a fight against Austin.
  8. He always takes me to see good movies.
  9. I never go hungry at his house.
  10. He always can make me laugh.
  11. He makes the best clam chowder.
  12. He always makes things workout.
  13. He always knows best.
  14. He always keeps me safe.
  15. He has the most interesting stories.
  16. He always makes me feel loved.
  17. He taught me to treat guests with more respect.
  18. He always is there to smell my stinkiest of farts.
  19. He taught me to always brush my teeth.
  20. He taught me to always dress nice for important people or for an important thing.
  21. He always encourages me.
  22. He never puts me down or makes me feel embarrassed.
  23. He taught me to be who I am.
  24. He’s an amazing person.
  25. He help’s me with my homework when I need help.
  26. He taught me how to ski.
  27. He taught me how to play basketball.
  28. He taught me to always have manners.
  29. He taught me how to make the best out of things.
  30. He corrects me when I say something wrong.
  31. He showed me how to make the best out of boring situations.
  32. He gets me to talk at parties.
  33. He always knows when I want to leave.
  34. He told me I am just as important as everyone else but, to him I’m the most important.
  35. He taught me never to lie because it always makes things worse.
  36. He showed me never to be judgmental until you get to know the person.
  37. He showed me a yard is the most important thing at a house.
  38. He always try’s his hardest to do what is right.
  39. He taught me to fight for what I believe in.
  40. He taught me how to forgive.
  41. He taught me how to love and be thankful.
  42. He showed me how to have patience.
  43. He showed me how to yell at something that can’t hear you.
  44. He’s the best Dad.
  45. He’s always going to back me up.
  46. He’s my best friend.
  47. He told me that he will never stop loving me and I will never stop loving him.
  48. He showed me that ladies are first.
  49. He’s the best dad anybody could have asked for.
  50. He showed me that being around wealthy people will give you goals.
  51. He taught me how to always have friendship.
  52. He’s the best salesman and negotiator I know.
  53. He’s the strongest person I know considering he’s fighting lung cancer and I know he is going to make it, and that no matter when he dies he’ll still love me.

Happy Fathers Day I Love You Dad,

Love, Riley

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