Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Human Touch

As I went through my eight week treatment, another helpful aspect of enduring treatment was seeking out the human touch. I believe heartily in the human touch as a natural healing property and making sure I received an adequate amount of this was paramount to getting through the treatment and the subsequent side effects.

Now, I can hear the groans and guffaws in the background when you read 'the human touch'. So for clarification sake, I'm going on record that this was all professional in nature and one that would not include any Vice Squad interference.

The human touch is defined by massage therapy, facials, pedicures, manicures, and the such. I made sure I had at least one of these treatments every single week of the treatment. And in most weeks I doubled or tripled up on this wonderful part of the eight weeks. I found it to be a definite help and a break from the action of going to the hospital every day. And if truth be known, the massages were the very best and I believe the most healing.

On the subject of healing and human touch, I recall a study I read in Scientific America some years ago. It took place @ a University library and was conducted on multiple occasions to ensure the outcome they received was consistent throughout the process.

The study was a simple one. It consisted of a checkout person and an interviewer. The checkout person was first asked to check out books and under no circumstance whatsoever touch the person who was checking them out. The person checking out was then interviewed as they left the library and asked, "How was your visit to the library today?" In more than 90% of the cases where the person was not touched, the reply of, "Nothing special" or there abouts was proffered as the answer.

Next, the opposite was administered. The checkout person had to make physical contact with a touch to the hand or arm as the person with the books was exiting the check out area. Same question ensued, "How was your visit to the library today?" This time in over 90% of the cases, the reply was along the lines of, "It was nice, special, good experience, etc."

As mentioned, the research team administered this form of test over and over and each time came back with similar and consistent results. The human touch made a positive difference on the simplest of undertakings.

I for one firmly believe in the human touch and the power of it's healing capabilities. Try it sometime with loved ones, friends, strangers, co workers, etc. Touch someone and see if it brightens up their day. I believe you'll be amazed by the result.


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Hi Randy

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