Monday, June 16, 2008

The best gift of all

This weekend I was blessed to have spent with my kids and have the very best of Fathers Days. My friend Karin who works @ the Bellevue Westin made sure we had the greatest of everything and provided the perfect backdrop for us to play, relax, be entertained, laugh and most of all, be completely connected for 24 straight hours.
It was the very best of weekends.

We saw movies, did spa treatments, had room service (too much room service), swam, laughed, wrestled and just plain hung out. A weekend to remember for sure. Riley went so far as to say, 'Dad, we need to do this monthly'. It was great.

On Sunday, Emily and Riley were struggling with what to get me for Fathers Day. I told them to surprise me. So off they went to the mall with two of Emily's good friends, (Hana & Ashley who had joined us).

While they were gone, I went to the gym and swam a few laps in the pool. During this time, I realized they'd already given me my gift, a gift of a lifetime. I realized in that moment they had provided the gift of Life as that is exactly what I had received in abundance!

I am blessed beyond words to describe my feelings of joy. It was the finest of Father's Days gift a father could have possibly imagined.



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