Thursday, June 12, 2008

A slight change of plan

Monday June 16 will now be the day they remove the lower lobe of my left lung and along with it the shrunken tumor. Prior to doing so though, Dr. Wood will perform a bronchoscopy to make sure nothing is in my windpipe and a mediastenoscopy. The latter is a couple of cuts above my breast bone to extract some of the lymphs, dip them in some liquid nitrogen and freeze the little suckers to see if they're 'active'. Bottom line, further diagnosis of the illness to determine treatment. All things looking good, off with the lower lung we go. I'm either in there for 15 minutes or 4 hours...the latter being the optimal scenario of which I'm confident will be the procedure.

Dr. Wood gave me the option of waiting the full 6 weeks following final chemo or pushing us ahead as he feels I'm in good enough shape to take on the full effect of lung removal. Thus, a positive and I'm treating as such. Also, I figure by the time I recover from this, summer will have finally arrived in Seattle making it all the better to enjoy my convalescence in a more meaningful environment and use "Junuary" as the down time.

The procedure will occur @ the UW Medical Center, 1959 N.E. Pacific St., Seattle, WA 98195. I will be there 3 to 5 days all depending upon how fast I recover. The main number is 206 598-6334. I don't plan to be on line nor have my Cell phone as the hospital frowns upon the latter. I'll be on the 5th floor of the Pavilion Surgery Center. I'll have my own private suite so if you want to plan a party, I'm in. Just keep the 'Free Bird' CD @ home as I recall that one always calling the cops from the neighboring parties.

If you wish to visit, park below the center and bring your parking ticket with you for validation. It's not 100% covered but it is discounted.

I had scheduled a trip to go to Puerto Vallarta on the 22nd of June for nine days and relax in the sand to ready myself for the July timeline. But seeing as how my focus is on defeating this affliction, I opted to take the battle to the cancer and alleviate any possibility of it being the other way around.

God willing, I'll make it to Mexico as I know it will still be there when I'm ready and it will be all the more rewarding as I will have accomplished a major feat.

The doc's tell me it's a 60 day recovery period to get to 90%...little golf or tackle football in that time frame but that doesn't mean I can't take everyone's money again come September. I quit playing tackle football about 35 years ago so that's not a problem.

Thanks all for your love, devotion and most of all your prayers. God is listening and he's not ready for me to lie down in his lap just yet...He told me the other night during a prayer vigil there's a few more things HE wants me to tackle on HIS behalf on this planet between now and then.

Much love and faith in all that is good. Wishing us all a speedy recovery.


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D'Laina said...


We all know you'll make it out. Your courage and strength is an inspiration to us all. I will call the gang together and we'll be there to party in your suite.