Friday, June 20, 2008

Randy comes home from the hospital

I've never seen a hospital room with so many flowers!

Randy was very happy to leave the hospital today. I picked him up just after noon, and we headed back to his apartment in Kirkland.
Frankly, I was amazed at how much Randy had recovered since Monday! The color had come back to his cheeks and he was zipping around like the proverbial spring chicken. (Someone needs to explain to me some day how the term "spring chicken" came about. I'd also like to know where the term "as easy as taking candy from a baby", which MUST have been coined by someone who has never tried to take candy from a baby. Anyway, I digress...)

Otto (Randy's cat) was definitely glad to have him home.

We had a quick cup of tea and I headed home.

The next stage is to wait 3 - 4 weeks before Chemo and Radiation. This will give Randy the time he needs to recover from the operation.

More in a bit...

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