Monday, February 23, 2009

Latest & Greatest

I am pleased to announce the recent finding on my latest CT Scan which occurred earlier this month. Dr. Martin's entered the clinic room grinning ear to ear following reading the radiologist report. I quote, 'Tumor shrunk, lymphs quiet, & inflamation from the radiation therapy improving'.

All in all, a clean bill of health at this juncture. I will continue to be screened every other month and of course if anything goes array in the meantime, I'll make a surprise visit. But for the time being, I'm pleased to be able to make the report that I am. The cough still persists but not at the level it's it makes for a good barometer @ this point. I've even been walking a few miles each day whilest I'm in the southland visiting my folks.

After leaving the doctor appointment, I had a chance to really think about Dr. Martin's joy in delivering the latest findings. With all the patients he treats for lung, throat & brain cancer, I can only imagine the meetings that he doesn't get to deliver such good news. When he does have pleasantries to share, I'm sure it makes his day close to the level of the recipient(s). None the less, it was nice to see him and share the joy.

All for now and keep the prayers and blessings coming. They work.

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