Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11 update

Hello blogsite visitors -

I just got a continued clean bill of health from my oncologist today. I am scheduled go back in two months to have my next CT Scan and see what's what .;. but now, all cool and groovy.

I've been in LA for the past month. I rented a place (bungalow) off of Cahuenga blvd. below the Hollywood sign. It sure was nice to be in warm weather and receive daily doses of sunshine. I came home to Seattle this week to snow and 25 degrees for crying out loud. Geez Louise!

So what's next you ask...At the end of the month I'm off to Hong Kong to be with some clients and watch the HK7 rugby matches. When I return, I'm heading to Canada to ski with the kids during their spring break. I'll then head back to LA for the better part of a month and be with my folks/sister/brother in law. First of May I'm going to London to see some good friends and say hi to the Queen again. At the end of May, to Alaska and cruise up the inland passage. Something I've always wanted to do and complete my visit to all 50 states. S

Needless to say, I'm keeping myself on the go through all of this and it's good. I'm really enjoying my life right now and following my doctors directive. He told me being happy and relaxed is better than any pill he can prescribe. I'm out to prove him right. Even though the pills he prescribes put a smile on ones face as well.

Ta Ta,


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