Friday, August 8, 2008

Cross another red line through the page

I made it through the second week of treatment pretty well. The fatigue is beginning to creep in, my ears ring pretty much all the time, and the nausea is ever present. But considering what I've been through so far with the combined one two punch of chemo / radiation, I think I'm holding the fort together pretty well. I now have the weekend off from everything and hope the chill time will recharge me for what's ahead next week.

So you know, the radiology nurses call me their star & favorite patient. I told them they say that to all the boys but none the less, it felt good to hear. Again from the patient standpoint, I couldn't be with a finer set of people who are tending after me.

Each day this week after treatment I was able to meet with a friend and go on an adventure. Short & long walks, lunch, museums, etc. One of the true blessings of this situation is the reconnection of past friends. Kathy, Cindy, & Karin this week all stepped up and made my week a little brighter. We walked & talked and they have all been there for me and what a treat it has been to spend quality time with each and reconnect in a meaningful way. And of course Liam and Brad are omnipresent and guiding my emotional output every step of the way as well.

It continues to reinforce for me how big the little things really are...

Much love,


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