Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hair line rising

Well, it's begun to happen...yes, my hair is falling off my head like snow flakes on a January ski slope. At the current rate, I should be completely bald by Wednesday as it's coming out in clumps rather than individual hairs when I run a comb through it.

I haven't seen my scalp since I was a little boy so it'll be interesting to see how many bumps I've accrued over the years...perhaps there's a hidden tattoo or something under the mop. We'll soon all see.

I spent the past weekend with Brad, Autie, & Riley @ the Canal. We had a blast. George Van Boeven & Jim Hill joined in the festivities as well. We ate an amazing fish stew of fresh salmon, clams, geoduck and a ton of veggies all brewed in a clam nectar was to die for. Just gotta love what the Sound proffers up in the way of seafood dinners.

All for @ 11 of my new doo!


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