Monday, August 4, 2008

Still got my hair

Today I finished the next round of chemo. Six straight days and all in all, I can't complain too heavily about the side effects. Today was an all-dayer (6am - 4pm) but it is now behind me and I don't do the next round for more of the same for 21 days from now. Only daily radiation so I'm relieved as radiation only takes about a half hour from the time I arrive till the time I leave the hospital.

Still no real side effects other than the ringing in my ears. I still have my hair but am told that 'may' disappear within the week due to the type of chemo I've just been administered. We'll see. There are certainly worse things and if having a military corp cut walking the street, it may get a salute or two.

I've been staying more active during this go around and I believe that has helped tremendously with my stamina. I even went for a good 8 mile bike ride yesterday in lieu of Seafair and felt good accomplishing this task.

I'm heading out shortly for my evening walk with my walking partner Karin. She's been very diligent about keeping me moving and not allowing too much dust to settle on my fatigued body.

All for now but know I continue to appreciate your cards, letters, emails, posts, signs of encouragement and of course all of the prayers. It does help and I feel very strong God is working with me through this time and I've got much work to do here on earth before he's done with me.

Much love and wishing you all good things,


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