Friday, August 1, 2008

One down, seven to go...

Today is the end of week one and so far, fatigue is the only casualty of endurance. I will say although the week went fairly quickly, it was still long.

I'm getting my chemo treatments @ the UW Med Ctr in lieu of SCCA from here on out and it's fabulous. Not that SCCA wasn't, it's just the UW is smaller, less crowded, more attn., better accommodations, food, etc. I even have the nurses fighting over who is going to tend to me the following day...nice. And, it's right upstairs from radiation so the transition time is nil.

I still have my hair, my wits, and of course the sense this is going to all work out great in the end. The doctors are all encouraged and the treatment as I stated couldn't be going any better.

Next week only one day of chemo (albeit all day) and then I'm solely receiving radiation for the next 4 weeks. So far, little to no side effects with the radiation. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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