Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2nd round of chemo

In for 2nd session and so far eventless...a bit tired from the sed's they gave me but other than that, contstant flow and lot's of trips to the john down the hall.

The PET result from yesterday were as expected per the doc this am. Glass half full the tumor hasnt grown, glass half empty, the lymphs still on fire. So, no real change from the 1st chemo but as the Dr prefaced, this would be the case.

Liam brought me in and is picking me up for the ride home. Brad stopped in for several hours as did Charlotte Graham. All good visits and helped the time go by and I was able to introduce anther set of friends / supporters. All very good in my world.

So, that's about it. All in a days work and again, one day @ time.

Love to you all,


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