Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Randy's update day before Chemo #2

From: Randy Broad
Date: Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 11:37 AM
Subject: Fwd: Happy Spring!
To: Liam Scanlan

Here's an update for the blog.
I've been a bit out of pocket and not updating the blog myself since the chemo but please know it's gone quite well. That said, I have had a couple of set backs. Some on the emotional and physical front and both were quite draining and thus, not particularly up to writing / posting / updating.
Upside, Brad and Liam are true troopers on all fronts. Not sure how I would be getting through this ordeal without them. They've been there daily/hourly and sometimes with little to no warning.
Thursday around noon I passed a bunch of blood during a bowl movement. No forewarning, no pain, nothing. Just a toilet full of deep red blood. I thought I was visiting the Red Sea. Called the doc and said get my 'ass' in there asap. So they did a complete exam, checked my blood count/cells, ran some more tests, rechecked my med's, etc. And low and behold, couldn't find a thing out of whack. Summation was hemorrhoids. I've had hemorrhoids maybe 20 years ago and know the feeling, etc. This was a completely a different experience. So, I'm not sure what to think other than they said if you pass more blood, call us and we'll get you into a proctologist and look 'deeper'.
The suck thing about this all is you just can't plan. I had two meetings set for that afternoon which of course I had to scramble to cancel at the last minute and subsequently spend the afternoon in the hospital. The good thing is it apparently was a false alarm with no real issue and the response from my Dr./staff team was/is amazing. One would think I was the only person in the building with a problem. I'm confident that if ever there was a better place to have cancer care treatment, it couldn't beat Seattle. It's truly amazing me every time I'm in the treatment centers.
I also started a complete regime of naturopathic supplements to go along with the rest of my treatment. I had my pharmacist (yes I have my own dedicated one @ SCCA) check them to ensure they coincide with chemo to ensure there aren't any counter agents at work. So my day begins with about 15 minutes dedicated to swallowing pills of one nature or another.
So that's the latest. 2nd PET scan on Monday, 2nd round Chemo on Wed. If I do no worse on the 2nd chemo as 1st, I'm in good shape.

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