Friday, April 25, 2008

it is nothing!

the word is so strong.

we had a little scare on thursday, Randy noticed blood in his stool and the doc's had told him to watch for anything unusual. he called the SCCA and they told him to come right in.

Liam and I met him there and we went thru 5 hours of questions and tests. a loving army of 6 standing by him, all silently afraid, but holding it back and holding him up.
False alarm- no big deal! we all felt exhausted after the relief.

The staff there is incredible. the doc told him to do anything he wanted and to have fun. it was great. i think there may be no finer care in the world- these people are so sincere and they bust their tails to do the best job they can.

we appreciate it!

out to dinner and toasted just being alive and having friends

love to all

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