Friday, April 11, 2008

Randy's update on Chemo Day One

From: Randy Broad
Date: Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 10:12 PM
Subject: Chemo - round one
To: [all]>

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7:30am: Randy gives blood to be used for a full round of tests before the action begins.

Well, I survived my first round of chemo just fine. My day started @ 5:30am and back home @ 7pm. I didn't sleep all that well the night before with lots of wild dreams but it was manageable. It made for a long day for sure but all in all it went well. I had no idea what to expect and went with an open mind and as I said, it was less eventful than I thought might be. Mostly education and lying on a bed with a tube in my arm with a lot of attn from my good nurse Jim.

Liam picked me up, drove me, sat through the first several hours of educational Dr's, nurses, pharmacists, etc. meetings.

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8:30am: Randy, his oncologist Dr. Eaton and nurse (I think Debbie) go over the fine print

Got settled to my room for the injections to begin. Jennifer came by for a visit as well as Brad Easton and the day passed quickly. Liam came back around 4:30 and a ride back home I was out the door by five.
The final visitor of the day was the staff Chaplain (Rev Debra Jarvis). She stopped in while Liam was there and we had a pretty round the ball bark conversation. She's a full time SCCA rev and her day consists of stopping in each of the patients room (over 50 on my floor and all full and constantly flipping throughout the day - needless to say we're I'm not alone). A cancer survivor herself, she's been there for 3 years and loves her job. I cannot imagine all the lives she touches and the experience of life she must realize.
One topic I brought up with her was the best way to tell my parents. Which I have yet to do. This is a biggy for me as we don't need more patients and one that will cause a great deal of stress and anxiety in their lives and I'm seeking the best advice on how to / when to deliver the news. I've sent her mail and hope to nail down this decision as quickly as possible.
Lastly, I have not experienced any nausea / side effects so far. Just a bit of fatigue. Dr. Eaton called today to check in on me to see how I was and said that Saturday would prob be my toughest day but by next Tues I should be pretty much back to normal. I slept a good deal today but I attribute that mostly to sitting up first with Liam and then D'Laina came over last night and talked through the days activities. It was very good to have them over after that day and we drank some wine, ate some old stinky cheese, and laughed and shared our love and feelings. It was a very good end to a day that was not too bad.
Off to a good start! Chemo round two is 20 days from today.
It's great to have so much love and attention from you all and knowing that you all care so much. I send you all my love and appreciation for your support.
Kindest and warmest and loving thoughts,
Wishing you all that is good.
PS, jennifer spoke to her friend and assc Susan Fox of the EX Dir of the Seattle Chapt of the Jubilee Womens recovery center...she has added me to their nuns prayer rites.
PSS, I'm off to get a good short cropped haircut for summer tomorrow....

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