Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The news March 21, 2008, confirmation on 24th

Randy has been coughing for a while. For about 3 years in fact.
He had quite a dose of something in the week ending March 21 and decided to go to Overlake to get it checked out. Coughing up a bit of blood, it was time to take a hard look.

March 18th, his doctor told him he had "either pneumonia or lung cancer". He was to take some antibiotics for a few days and if it didn't clear up, they would look closer.
By Friday March 21, it hadn't cleared and they took a much closer look.
I picked Randy up at the east door of Overlake. He got into the car and said "well, Liam, I have lung cancer".

By Monday 24th, the lab was able to tell Randy that it was "small cell carcinoma", that it was still very small (1 to 2 centimeters in length) and they would probably cut out the lower section of his left lung and follow that with chemo and radiation.

This week, he goes for a battery of tests.
Monday, his brain scan came up clean. nothing there, which is good news because lung cancer often travels to the brain for some reason.
This news increases the chances that he has caught it early.

Today (April 1) he goes for a breath test. They want to see if his breathing is strong enough to handle the removal of the lower half of his left lung. The test is a pretty straight forward procedure. Here is there now, as I type this, and I hope to have a cup of tea in Starbucks when he gets out.

Love to all.

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