Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The week following Chemo session #2

A quick note to let you know how this past week has gone since my 2nd treatment. In a word, different than the first. As in more challenging. I've felt weaker and more nauseated this week with the worst days being Sat & Sun (same as last go around). Difference is this lingered a bit more and just plain wore me out by mid / end of the day. Sleep hasn't been my best friend @ night either.

All in all though, if this is the worst they throw me, I'm still in good shape. There's a cancer rumor running around that the worse you feel with chemo, the better it's working. Don't know that I buy into that one and my Dr. just smiled when I mentioned it, but if it's the case, I'm on my road to recovery.
The other is that with each treatment, you feel a bit more of the negative effects as well. Again, my Dr. told me my symptoms following should be similar to the first...well, they weren't. The second one was definitely more intense from a feeling crappy most of the time than the first.

Again the good news, it's been a week and I feel better with each passing day. So I'm looking forward to that course of action continuing. I can handle feeling like a pile of Sahara desert beetle dung for a week to get the cancer out of my body, that's for sure.

I'm planning on taking the kids and their friends along with our trusted guide Jim next weekend on a snow hike up in the Olympics. Jim knows of a natural snow shoot similar to a toboggan run where you can slide down on your rump and Riley's had his heart set on this since last fall. Hopefully the stars will align and we'll all be careening down the slope ice ax in hand and snow a flying in a rooster tail as we flail around like a bunch of snow monkeys. It's apparently about a 1500' slide...full report when I'm back.

Best to all. Two down, one to go...

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cbs said...

We're thinking of you, and know that this thing is beatable and that you will beat it. That's just a basic fact. Your name is mentioned at mass every Sunday at All Saints, Pasadena. That's 3000 good people sending positive energy your way. We'll see you this summer; either we'll be up or you, of course, are welcome anytime to come to SoCal. There are a lot of people here who would like to see you. STEVE