Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekend after Chemo #2

Randy in the waiting room before Chemo session #2.

We left the SCCA (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) at about 5:30. Randy was a bit pale, but otherwise in good form.
Even with everything on his mind, with tubes hanging out of him, he was on the phone to contacts in Microsoft trying to get a contract for his old friend Liam.

I dropped him him. He took a quick shower and he and I headed to Hector's for a quick dinner. He was so tired he went straight back to bed.

The weekend came quickly and so did the expected fatigue. His hair is beginning to thin out. We both thought that'd be a good sign. Since chemo attacks fast growing cells, such a hair cells, it could be a sign that the chemo is working aggressively against the cancer cells too.

It's now Saturday mid-afternoon.
More postings to come...

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