Monday, May 12, 2008

B James

Broady -

You are one of the luckiest people I've ever known. Lucky, gifted, charming and charmed. So of course your latest turn of events leaves me wondering how you and the universe are going to join forces to work some magic on this thing, too.

Jesus, Randy. Cancer. This is where everything you've learned your whole life, everything you've grown to be, gets challenged and put to the test. If anyone has the heart to rise above, it's you my friend.

You've always had a knack for cultivating quality relationships and I'm so happy to know you have such loving and devoted people around you. God bless Liam and Brad. I don't know them, but God bless 'em.

And now you have my daily prayers to add to the roster of many many folks who are pulling for you and sending you their love and support.

I don't know if this is the appropriate venue to catch up on what's happening in my life. Let's just say, life is treating me very well in Portland. I'm madly in love and happily married. I live in the best place on earth. I'm healthy and happy and broke most of the time. We're raising a few chicks for pets and I get to be a mother hen which is the closest to motherhood I'm going to get and that's perfectly fine with me.

Thank you for writing to me and letting me know what's happening. Randy, if you ever want some company, I'm just a few hours away. If you want to talk I'd love to hear your thoughts. We've always had a such a sweet connection even through all of the lapses in time. And here we are and this is huge and I will be there for you in any way you need me to be. Whatever you need and however your needs change. Silently, on the phone or in person. Please let me know.

Big Big Love,


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