Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tag from Gregg - a 45 year friend...

Hi Randy,

It was great getting together with you and Larry over lunch last week. Your candidness, compassion for others and hopeful perseverance is an inspiring testimony. To hear you tell it like it is shows you embrace reality and dignify us as listeners. It is life-giving! Thank you.

It was fun reminiscing some of the old stories – like the warm water (sewage) we found when camping. How our parents camped in that fashion is a wonder – if I recall, one outhouse and all meals were cooked, dishes washed, etc. + cleaning fish. Then us kids coming in smelling like ….. I guess I understand why the mom’s didn’t continue on that annual fishing trip.

Also, thanks for validating my early memory of you riding Flipper (Mitzy) as I vaguely recall envying you and being disappointed I got pulled in a boat because I was not old enough. You did, however, fulfill my disappointment of presenting me with the Donald Duck hat (with squeaky bill) I wanted at Six Gun Territory (I believe) about twenty-five years later. I was surprised how many seemed to know of that story of my dad offering me many other cowboy hats, but I refused – must have thrown quite a fit. Perhaps a chip off the ol’ block as Tyler wore that hat with pride golfing a few years ago.

Randy, your blog is most impressive and I am so pleased you are surrounded with loving, caring and godly people. I find it honoring to God as your faith is inspiring to so many of us. Trusting in God’s good purpose and embracing life in a adventurous fashion is how I believe we’re meant to live. And Randy, you’ve had and are having your share of adventure.

Did you and the kids make it up to Mt. Eleanor? A friend was up that way on Sunday and almost got stuck in the snow. If so, hope you all had a great time.

Keep in touch and know a call is welcome anytime. Perhaps I’ll see you when your parents visit.
I pray for your quick healing and to continue fighting with strength, vigor and humor. That is you.


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