Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spiritual Healing

Randy -

I have put off writing this e-mail for awhile now. I don't know how to start. I have been praying for you and Jesus has given me a picture of a red hot ball, about the size of a ping pong ball. This was too hot for me to touch and Jesus instructed me to wrap the white towel, (the fabric was soft and thin like you would use when dusting) around this red hot hurt after I had dipped it into the bucket with liquid that reminded me of water.

Yesterday, the picture came back and I was asked to take the towel and dip it again in the bucket of water and wrap the hot, hot ball. I sensed that this was emotional, not physical and yet the need to cool down the emotional hurt was tied into the ability to heal physically. The ball was a little cooler but I sensed it would be a process. Jesus projected me forward so that I know where he wants to end up.

The ball will be turning white and than dissolve into powder. I have allowed Jesus to talk to me this way in prayer for quite some time. It is my way of connecting to him and allowing him to lead the prayer and show me his heart. When I allow him this kind of control I am blessed because I can feel his heart better and my faith is strong because I know I am praying about what he is interested in, not what I wish or desire.

Anyway, please be assured this does not make me a spiritual person, just a person who enjoys communicating with God. Randy, the exciting thing is that Jesus is very, very interested in your healing!!! He seems to be more centered on the red hot ball right now. I am sharing this with you to encourage you and also to give you a possible heads up. It is possible that you might start feeling a little more emotional about things. If hurts start to come to your mind, seek Jesus, get into his arms and surrender the hurt to him along with the RIGHT to feel hurt. It is freeing. I am convinced that Jesus is more concerned from an ETERNAL perspective about our growth.

I wonder if because you are such a strong person you might have pushed down these hurts and remained positive in spite of. We all do this, but these hurts struck at the core of who you are, it goes back years. Jesus feels for us far more deeply that we feel for ourselves.

I don't really know what this is about because I felt like I was intruding into your personal space. What I am trying to say is I can't claim this last little bit about the hurts is from Jesus only the first part with the pictures. I have only sensed the rest.

Randy, is it OK that I pray like this for you? I want to respect your boundaries and if you do not want me to continue I will stop and surrender to your wishes.

Much love,


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