Thursday, May 22, 2008

Good News on efficacy of Chemo #2; Chemo #3 begins.

There was a palpable sense of relieve in the room as Dr. Martens told us that every one of Randy's significant tumors had all shrunk by at least 20% as a result of Chemo #2!!!!
The only problem Martens mentioned was that Randy would need an extra long operating table - or they could shorten him during surgery - the regular 6-foot tables are too short.

Plenty of miles yet to travel, but yesterday's progress and news are a great boost in Randy's fight. Perhaps you could say he has successfully crossed the English Channel and is on his way to Berlin.

And even BETTER news is, the cute little nurse found the missing 1968 Fiat Spider car keys!!!! You can click the image to the right to see the results of Randy's CT scan in a larger format.
Now all we need to do is find the original Fiat motor vehicle itself. Locked in the glove box is his parents' 1974 tax returns which he forgot to mail by April 15 1975.

And so, Chemo day #3 passed mainly without incident. I dropped him in to the SCCA in the morning and hung around just long enough to hear the Good News. Randy's old friend John Henry stayed to keep him company, and over the course of the day Brad Easton, Charlotte, John and several others came to visit for extended periods. By the time I returned at 5pm, I thought they were giving the big fella last rites, there were so many visitors present.

Jim the nurse as usual did an incredibly diligent and sensitive job. He's the kind of man every father wants as his son-in-law.

Debra the very sweet and lovable chaplain also stopped by - and gave Randy her blessings and good wishes for the next stage - get through the Chemo and surgery.

On to Berlin, everyone.


Beverly James said...

This is such great news! Liam, thanks for keeping us posted - I check in on this blog every day. Randy - you're in my thoughts daily - congratulations on your progress!!!



Randy Broad said...


thanks for the sussinct and humorous summation of the days events. The Fiat is actually now making lire from the Fiat. And I thought they were in the left lung, not the right.

But like you say, it was a good day all around...step in the right direction.